The first National winner of Russian breeding was *Pristan (Aswan x Palmira). Out of 43 entries
she emerged from the 1979 mare championship class with a Top Ten.
The following
February *Muscat made his debut at Scottsdale. Marked with
a blaze carrying the distinctive crescent cutout and 4 white
feet which only accentuated his spectacular movement (a
trait the Russians are known for having on a consistent basis)
*Muscat captivated the crowd and impressed the judges. His
Stallion Championship was only the first step on a history
making journey that would culminate in his the 1980 "Triple
Crown" by also winning the Canadian and U.S. National
Championship titles. Having such a stunning standard
bearer, the Russian lines had no trouble gaining prestige and
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Naseem Sire Line History Featuring *Muscat

This sire line begins with the original Arab horse IBRAHIM, imported to Poland by Count Potocki.
The IBRAHIM sire line was made famous throughout the world by his son SKOWRONEK.

SKOWRONEK was bred at Antoniny, Poland in 1909 (considered Russian territory at the time)
and imported to England in 1913 by Mr. Walter Winans and later purchased by Lady Wentworth
of Crabbet stud in 1920.

SKOWRONEK had an exquisite head, small sharp cut ears and a splendid arch of neck and poll.
He had enormous strength and breadth of back and loins, a high tail carriage and fantastic
dancing prancing action.

SKOWRONEK is one of the most important horses in the history of the breed. SKOWRONEK was
 the sire of only 40 foals, but the impact he has on the breed is tremendous. More halter
champions can be traced to him in direct sire line than any other Arabian stallion.

SKOWRONEK on the mare lines of Rodania and Dajania was the best cross for Crabbet.

The Ibrahim sire line is commonly referred to as the NASEEM sire line, as he was undoubtedly
the greatest stallion of this line. NASEEM was imported to Tersk Stud, Russia (for $1 million) in
1936 at the age of 14 and became a foundation stallion for 17 years until his death at the age of

Horses of the NASEEM line are considered Siglavi in type with long arched necks, thin
throatlatches and round body parts that flow with a dynamically high trot. NASEEM was a very
powerful ride, elegant in motion and willful in mind.

NASEEM sired RAKTHA while still in England who is the sire of *SILVER DRIFT. 19 of NASEEM's
daughters were retained at Tersk, an exceptionally high number for the stud. NASEEM's sons
used at Tersk were NEGATIW, NORMATIV and NOMER. NOMER is the sire of 1967 British

National Champion NAPRASLINA, whose dam PLOTKA marched 1000 miles with MAMMONA from
Poland to Tersk in 1939. NEGATIW, foaled in 1945, competed for mares with PRIBOJ and KOREJ
at Tersk and foaled 105 foals.

NEGATIW won two races and was also named Champion at the All Union Exhibition in 1954
(competing against all breeds). NEGATIW's reputation endures through his sons *SALON,
*NABOR and BANDOS. *NABOR and BANDOS were exported to Poland, *NABOR then came to

America where he was very influential and produced gorgeous mares, to include *DORNABA.
BANDOS was one of Poland's most influential stallions.

*SALON's influence at Tersk rivaled that of NASEEM in producing beautiful mares and he sired
64 foals prior to being sold to Germany. Out of those 64 foals, 15 went on to win National or
Reserve National Championships in various countries.

*SALON  won the Certificate of First Degree himself (equivalent to our Reserve Champion) at the
All-Union Exhibition in 1971 at the age of 10.

*SALON is out of SONATA by SKRZYP, a source of tremendous hock action. *SALON, at the age
of 21, was imported to America by Bob Stratmore where his influence as a sire continued.
*SALON's best sons include the full brothers MOMENT and *MUSCAT out of MALPIA by PRIBOJ.  

When *MUSCAT was sold to Howard Kale Jr., the Russians quickly went to Bulgaria to get
MOMENT back and continue the line at Tersk Stud.  *MUSCAT, the first Triple Crown Champion,
has achieved legendary status at the main continuer of the NASEEM sire line.  

*MUSCAT combines the essence and elegance of NASEEM with the athleticism and soundness
of the PRIBOJ sire line through MALPIA a daughter of MAMMONA by OFIR.
If you would like to watch this video of
*Muscat, you are welcome, but unless you are
on a Broadband line it may take awhile